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Gunmetal Bushes

The offered Gunmetal Bushes have been developed by using advanced centrifugal casting technique and these have extensive applications in machine designing, ship building and automotive arena. Due to their zinc content, these bushes can withstand heavy load and their friction rate is low during their movement. The surface of these bushes is zinc plated or powder coated or hot dip galvanized to avoid damaging effects of corrosion. High heat conduction level, good tensile strength, high yield strength, maintenance free operation, chemical proof surface, precise dimension and wear protected design are the key attributes of these Gunmetal Bushes. These can be installed easily.


  • The offered bushes can endure high load and these possess high tensile strength.
  • These are totally wear and chemical proof.
  • Long working life
  • Ease of maintenance
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Cast Bronze Bushes

Price: 98.00 - 130.00 INR/Ton

Cast Bronze Bushes are fabricated by a special process which includes high pressure injection of molten metal into a specific mold cavity. That is later cooled and ejected by separating two parts of die casing. These bushes are greatly admired for their excellent corrosion resistance, supreme mechanical strength, and durability. They find their application for automobile, power plants, construction, and effluent treatment industries. These bushes have the capability to bear high thrust loads.

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Sleeve Bushes

Price: 98.00 - 130.00 INR/Ton

Sleeve Bushes are designed having a solid hollow cylindrical structure opened at both ends. They are fabricated using rich quality copper alloy to assure their supreme physical properties and high resistance to corrosion. These bushes are generally utilized for providing a bearing surface for several rotary applications including industrial motors, machines, submersible pumps, and in processing systems of automobile industries and prefabricated engineering tools. They have specific thickness with separate inner and outer diameters.

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Industrial Bronze Bushes

Price: 98.00 - 130.00 INR/Ton

Industrial Bronze Bushes are installed in FHP motor, hand operated tools and various rotating devices. Made from superior grade bronze, they are ideal for light load and high speed working. These bushes are maintenance free in nature and are suitable for numerous mechanical & general engineering applications. They provide a thrust bearing surface for jerk free torque generation and also to reduce power consumption by the equipment.

Product Image (MT10)

Industrial Metal Bushes

Price: 98.00 - 130.00 INR/Ton

Industrial Metal Bushes are the cylindrical assemblies that can be structured as a cylindrical component which is solid all the way round, with a cut along its length, or with a clinch across the cut. They are made using rich grade alloy copper to assure their high rust resistance and supreme mechanical strength. These bushes find their use in medical & military applications, hardware components installed in home appliances & commercially used machines, and pumping equipments.

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Earth Moving Bushings

Price: 98.00 - 130.00 INR/Ton

Earth Moving Bushings are extensively used in heavy duty construction vehicles, rail container trailers, marine applications, and industrial machines. They are designed having a cylindrical structure with a flange at their one end. These bushings are comprised of inner & outer races with spherical sliding surfaces. They are highly appreciated for their ability to withstand heavy axial & radial loads and are suitable to be used at low to high speeds. Lined with PTFE, these assemblies are maintenance free in nature having low friction.

Product Image (MT08)

Metal Bushes

Price: 98.00 - 130.00 INR/Ton

Metal Bushes are fabricated using sand casting technology which uses sand made mold for high pressure injection of molten raw material. They find their application in power generation plants, home appliances manufacturing industries, agricultural tools, heavy duty construction vehicles, and dewatering pumps. These bushes provide a bearing surface to rotating parts to assure optimum torque generation even at low speed. They can be availed in sleeve, flanged, split, & clenched shapes.

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Solid Bronze Bushes

Price: 98.00 - 130.00 INR/Ton

Solid Bronze Bushes are fabricated using copper alloy having small amount of tin with traces of aluminum, manganese, nickel, or zinc. They are made using molding technology in which molten raw material is injected into the mold cavity under high pressure which takes the shape of mold when cooled. Resultant is later ejected after precisely separating both the parts of die. These bushes are the form of plain bearings used for various mechanical engineering applications to prevent contact between two joining parts.

Product Image (MT05)

Sintered Bronze Bushes

Price: 98.00 - 130.00 INR/Ton

Sintered Bronze Bushes are greatly admired for their self lubricating nature, supreme deforming resistance, precise dimensional configuration, excellent mechanical strength, and durability. They are extensively utilized in agricultural pumps, industrial motors, hydraulic & pneumatic machines, and in crankshafts. These bushes are made from good quality bronze produced by sintering technology which includes compacting & forming of a solid mass by heat application without melting. They have the ability to withstand high heat, impact, and strong acting force without any change in their shape.

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Guide Bushes

Price: 98.00 - 130.00 INR/Ton

Guide Bushes are the type of circular flanges that fix the router base and acts like a small ring fence. They find their application for dovetailing, lettering, woodworking machines, and mitring kitchen worktops. These bushes are simple to use components that are known to enhance the abilities of your router. They are designed to follow the template that guides router bit. Made from supreme quality brass or steel alloy, these assemblies can easily be tightened by hand and assures vibration less operation.


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